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Over the years, I’ve trekked a number of trails in Arizona. Some trails I have found amazingly wonderful with gorgeous views and wildlife to be seen, while others were not worth my time to prepare for and turned out to be very disappointing. In the near future, I am going to document each adventure and keep you posted on the details of the hike.

Here are some bullet points of what I will provide:

  • Equip you with GPS coordinates to specific points along the trails
  • Supply various photographs and/or video footage highlighting my experiences
  • Inform you of specific equipment I used along my trek


Some hiking trails are perfect for families with young children, while other trails are strictly for the extreme adventurer. Also, the time of year plays an important role in determining which hike would be most advantageous for you to embark on. For example, I’ve hiked this summer along trails that reached 102 degrees. Although the temperatures were soaring in the early afternoon, most of my hikes were done in the early morning, avoiding the scorching sun. I found myself starting on the trailhead parking lot at around 6:30am. Those treks were in the lower elevations just outside of Phoenix, however, the upper elevations such as Payson and Pine, AZ are much cooler. So depending upon where you’re hiking, the elevation, and the time of day and year, all circumstances should be considered carefully. Keep in mind some treks that I undertake are partly off-trail hikes. I will begin on a well known established trail, but then venture off into the wilderness that has been well plotted out in advance. With that said, I am going to provide you with a detailed map and GPS data. I am also going to supply you with detailed information on elevation changes, temperature changes and speed of climb.

Here is an example of information describing the details of the trek:

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In closing, I hope this blog will be of help to those who enjoy exploring our great state of Arizona. There are so many beautiful and wondrous places to visit and being prepared is key to having a safe and memorable experience. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions regarding my future blog posts. Sincerely, David Pinter